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You should already have the base records shown here: Click on the 'new record' link.

Firstly we need to create a subdomain A Record called 'mail'. Again, if you are using an external mail agency, then skip this step.

So, log into the Slice Manager at https://manage.and navigate to the DNS tab: Now click on the 'records' link next to your domain.

If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.

I will do a separate article on setting up MX records for Google Apps.

If you use an external mail agency (such as fusemail or fastmail), then leave out the A-record creation and point the MX record as directed by your provider.

), but I am having issues setting up the MX Record in BC because I am using BC to host my website. I want to use the email @because it looks more professional.

You may notice the “MX preference” in the output above and wonder what that is referring to.

To better explain it here is another DNS lookup for the domain.

Make sure you are using the Hover nameservers:ns1.hover.comns2.Edits to the DNS in your Hover account will not apply to your domain if you are not using our DNS servers.

To use email, we need a Mail Exchange (MX) record so any domain email is sent to the right place (whether that is a mail server on the slice or an external mail provider). The procedure shown below uses a subdomain called 'mail' and the MX record points to that subdomain.