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Publication and creator information may be present with the prints. The photo prints were arranged in 2006-2007 by Special Collections students under supervision of Archivist Marcia Peri; photos of people were arranged alphabetically and the remaining prints were sorted by subject. The negatives and transparencies (1983-1987) are stored in the original file cabinets; depending on the year, they are arranged by date or by the last name of the photographer.

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The annual loss associated with the 419 Nigerian scams exceeds US 0 million per annum around the world. Losses in South Africa alone are estimated to exceed R100 million per annum.The most common forms of these counterfeit business proposals fall into following categories: purchase of goods, conversion of real estate, transfer of funds from over invoiced contracts, sale of crude oil at below market price, payment of money from wills and contact fraud., commonly referred to as Nigeria, is a federal republic in West Africa, bordering Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north.Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.It comprises 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Abuja is located.

For example:- Done he done go ........went[Pidgin] Got the thing got spoiled the water got finished Has he has go.........went Use to he use to come here .......... uring this period, English shall be taught as a subject.We explicitly include in this definition "e-newsletters" and other mailings to which person A can subscribe person B without B's knowledge.The Nigerian 419 scam is named after the 4-1-9 penal code, the 419 scam is an 'advance fee' scam.Some investors have hired private investigators in Nigeria or have personally travelled to Nigeria, without ever retrieving their money.One American was murdered in Nigeria while pursuing his lost money.eographically, the Nigerian Coast was in a good position for the slave trade. itizens of some West African countries (mostly Ghanaians) flocked into Nigeria in search of green pastures.