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create table entries( body blob, created_at datetime default null, updated_at timestamp default current_timestamp on update current_timestamp ); insert into entries (body, created_at) values ('hello world', now()); create table entries ( body blob, created_at datetime default null, updated_at timestamp default null on update current_timestamp ); create trigger init_created_at before insert on entries for each row set new.created_at = now(); Now whenever a new row is created the trigger will be executed and set the time to the current timestamp.

The range of My SQL TIMESTAMP type is '1970-01-01 ' UTC to '2038-01-19 ' UTC.

All your have to do is create the field of type in order for the next part to work (this is because setting NOT NULL forces an automatic all zeros default).

Next, we must create a trigger, which will automatically be fired when we insert a value into our table and set the created timestamp.

So I can’t have My SQL do what I intended it to do - maintain two timestamps, one to store the record creation timestamp and another to store record update timestamp.

So I thought I’ll maintain those two timestamps by myself in the app.