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The pendant has flowers on one side, and good wishes written on the other. The central pendant has been added on more recently, perhaps one had been lost over the years. Most of what I sell is wearable but every once in a while I add some pieces just because I find them attractive as well as great cultural references. The ones in the preview pic (if you see it about 1 1/2 inches tall) are close to life size. I find this style of silver ingot coin very fascinating as they are made by pouring molten silver into a mold. This is a very gorgeous antique tool kit from China with a very eye catching butterfly at the top. In the center is an eye shaped pearl piece and to the sides leaves cut from stone.
Here we report K-Ar isotopic dating of synkinematic/authigenic illite coupled with structural analysis to illustrate an innovative approach to the high-resolution deconvolution of brittle faulting and fluid-driven alteration of a reactivated fault in western Norway.

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Martin repaid him by singing a gospel version of “The Ballad of Serenity.” And you know what? I quit the Flash several weeks ago, but if they made a musical episode, I would leap the hell back in just to listen to Martin sing.

The guy’s gotta voice that hits me in my soul parts.

In Buffalo, his love for acting was sparked when he acted in his first school play.

Martin attended the Buffalo School for Visual and Performing Arts, alongside the alternative-folk musician Ani Di Franco.

Being from Virginia, the young Martin played the character the only way he knew how: as an inspired Southern Baptist preacher.

The act was a hit, and Martin emerged from his shell.

When Martin was in grade school, the family relocated to Buffalo, New York, but Martin began to dislike speaking because of his Southern accent and was often overcome with shyness.

A concerned educator and mentor influenced him to join an after-school drama program and cast him as the pastor in The Golden Goose.

He needs to focus only on his acting and if he does so, he can definitely become one of the finest ever.

A white American actor and a singer, best known for originating the role of Tom Collins on "Broadway", Jesse L.

Martin birth name Jesse Lemont Watkins, was born on 18 January 1969 in Rocky Mount, Virginia located in the United States.

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He is a top-level actor and at a very early age he has shined in his career.