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Many people have questions about how to identify a S&W revolver and when was it made. Name Caliber Frame .22 Hand Ejector Ladysmith 22 Long M .22/32 Target 22 Long Rifle I .22 Outdoorsman 22 Long Rifle K .32 Hand Ejector (round Butt) 32 S&W Long I .32 Regulation Police (Square Butt) 32 S&W Long I .32-20 Hand Ejector 32-20 Win. t=356710 It has a lot of info that might be of interest to many of you. If you post up the whole number (or all but the last two or three) I can narrow it down even tighter. 10 by itself means started in 1957 10-1 started in 1959 10-2 started in 1961 10-3 started in 1961 10-4 started in 1962 10-5 started in 1962 10-6 started in 1962 10-7 started in 1977 10-8 started in 1977 10-9 started in 1988 10-10 started in 1988 10-11 started in 1997 (probably not this or later, since your gun is blue) 10-12 started in 1997 10-13 started in 2002 Using these tables together, you should be able to narrow down a decent range of when your gun is from. The ranges are SUPER tight here, as SW really started making a ton of guns then, and most models shared serial ranges. If it has a one or two digit number, and THEN a "D," and THEN some more numbers, (meaning the "D" will be either the second or third character in the serial, and all other characters are numbers) it is from 1977-1983 After 1983 the serials get crazy and will be in the format of three letters, and then four numbers.

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The one in front of the trigger guard, the fifth screw retained the cylinder lock spring.

Is there a website where I can find out the age of my used S&W revolver by serial number search?

I know this exists for other brands (my Remington shotgun), but couldn't find anything like that for Smiths. There is nothing on the internet that I'm aware of.

Jim Hello I see another responder has Pointed out an excellent source of S&W serial numbers and it will provide many hours of good reading on all the different models they made and make.

The Only True way to know when your gun was shipped from the factory is to apply for a Factory letter.