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Anyone who’s ever swiped right has probably seen their OKCupid, Tinder, Grindr or other online dating matches appear in their Facebook ‘People You May Know’ sidebar. Yes, the people with whom you’ve matched in online dating do sometimes appear in the People You May Know field on Facebook. It doesn’t necessarily mean Facebook is “going through” your online dating app to mine for data, but it does mean you might want to reevaluate some of your Facebook settings and habits.

Facebook insists they do not pull data from other apps. But there’s a simple exercise you can do that shows Facebook does something every bit as alarming as pulling data from your other apps.

You can see the type of food they eat - which, by the way, I never understood. Facebook is an unbelievable place to get so much information. We'd much rather go out with somebody we know nothing about because oddly that seems so much better. I can read posts that I can make comments on; I can even send her a message after I've read something.

I can get into a conversation via IM - Facebook Messenger. They're not really altered because Facebook is a place where friends are connecting.

Trying to talk to girls who you think might not remember you is worth a shot too.

High school is sort of a piece of youth that everyone tends to cling on to to some degree as they get older.

Well, fake friends and real friends, but you get the message. Some of them are my friends, some of them I've dated.

People probably aren't putting up altered pictures all over Facebook. Just take a look at your Facebook feed today when you go home. Pick someone out and find a post that resonates with you, then make a comment underneath it. If someone is interesting on Facebook, I'll comment; I'll add them as a friend.

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One of the best ways to meet girls using Facebook is to go back in time and connect with people from your past.