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When chat rooms are well run, they can also be a good source of friendship and support.

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But the access created by so many forms of communication also crosses privacy boundaries, and sometimes compromises our ability to insulate ourselves from undesirable elements.

The truth is, 90 percent of Americans have been exposed to herpes, and one in six have some strain of it. But hesitation and fear are as real as statistics, and there's no sugarcoating that herpes is painful, and that having it leaves you more vulnerable to other STIs.

Yes, I too am interested in North Carolina craft brews and hate the Glenwood ‘scene.’ I also enjoy your unique sense of style—that beard is truly special on you and separates you from all the other 20-somethings in here who have begun to remind me of my trip to the Amish country. I know the type, won’t leave you alone, refuses to understand that by not calling her back you were in effect ending your relationship in the most adult way possible—through avoidance and lies. Given your strong homo-social bond, you really have no need for a girlfriend.

I can tell this and your apparent addiction to plaid shirts and tees that would be tight on a girl are the foundation of your identity. Your relationship with these guys provides you with more drama and a more reliable group of enablers than any girl ever could.

I am a little concerned about meeting people since I won't have an office to go to...

I work from home so I dont have to worry about fiding a new job.