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Like, “I hate VX,” or, “I hate HD.” But I don’t understand why it matters at all. The main goal, at the moment, is for this part to just have a variety of skating instead of just ledge or stair skating. What if you set up one of your boards with the trucks on backwards so if someone breaks a board and asks if they can use yours, you give them the one with backwards trucks so they can’t land shit. So you mean if Nyjah asks me for my board next time I’ll give him one that doesn’t work? Is there anything else you can immediately think of that you connect to as much as skateboarding—or almost as much? Because at this point in my life all I’m doing is skating and helping my family back home in Australia.

Also, my friend James is the master at that camera, in my mind. I feel like a lot of kids have a lot to say about it. James films everything and we’ll end up picking some stuff. Because I just kind of fell into living here and it’s all working out. I miss going home, but when I’m there — it’s fun and we go to bars and skate whatever spots I skated when I was younger, but after a week I’m, like, “Fuck. ” I don’t want to be just sitting there; I’d rather get stuff done. What about this idea, dude: you’ve got to set up two boards for Street League, right? Besides skateboarding—obviously skateboarding is the most important thing in your life—but what comes next? So when I think of the word professional skateboarder—as dumb as that sounds—I obviously think about you. I’m just trying to skate and help my family and help my friends and fuckin’—you know.

20, 2015 | 102 Comments Apk file size: 1.1 MB Fake Camera was designed to help the user access the gallery on apps that only allow to get a picture from a camera app. This app only works if the target app is using intents to call for all camera apps present on the device and will not work if the app is hardcoded to a specific camera.

Also make sure the designated app isn´t using a default camera app to handle the intents. A short time ago Facebook decided to change the way you add pictures to your posts.

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Read the developers instructions before complaining. Any app that uses it own camera won't work with this app. I've been longing for this solution due to the stupid Facebook concept of Camera Roll. The only downside of this app is just that I have to manually select the gallery app everytime.

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All I’ve been doing is skating every single day for the last fuckin’ five years. So I’m just trying to figure out life a little more. You’re going to be trying to figure it out for a while, dude. It’s not like I gotta go on a certain trip to get footage because it’s fucking needed. And I personally like the sound and the look of the VX. I’m just trying to live here so I can bring my homies out and hopefully get them into some kind of fuckin’ life plan or some shit. I went on a Fourstar trip with him and he had Tim Tams and Kettle chips with him the whole trip. I mean, they’re the best biscuits you can ever have, yeah. I don’t need to be some outspoken pro skater that has to fuckin’ act cool and say certain things to make people laugh just to keep relevant. Personally, I think your skating does most of the talking. I don’t need to do that to ruin things with sponsors.

Okay, tell the people what you do during the day, besides skate. Kinda just working out more to do with life because I haven’t done that shit since I was in Australia. So to me it seems like a pretty awesome compliment, and I wish they still made skate games so that I could take a photo of you playing yourself for an ad; that’d be pretty good. I don’t think it really relates to anything about me besides—fuckin’ I don’t know. It’s, like, I get to do whatever I want for the video. Because it’s on the Internet and what’s the point of doing it high quality if everyone’s watching it on their little phone anyway? People there are pretty lazy and the people I’m around here are down to do stuff and get out there—help people and help friends, you know? ” If those are the kind of things that I have to get hated on for, then … Well, not even acting like an idiot, just acting more crazy and drunk and doing whatever. I’m super excited about your part coming out, and just, like, new shit you know—just being able to keep doing fun stuff.