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DON’T MISS: Comcast admits its 300GB data cap serves no technical purpose Over the weekend, a number of outlets began reporting that Microsoft’s Services Agreement gives Microsoft the right automatically issue system software updates that can disable pirated software and even counterfeit hardware peripherals.

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Slightly more than half of all married people will cheat on their spouses at some point in their lives.Men apparently cheat more often than women, but the gap isn’t huge.There’s still some shame and guilt associated with admitting the truth, even in private.

This seems to be partly because people have a hard time being completely honest, even when surveyed in ways that safeguard their anonymity.The Palestinian basic law and the 1995 Press and Publication Law provide for freedom of the press and freedom to establish media outlets, and state that there should be no censorship.However, restrictions are allowed if press activity threatens “national unity” and “Palestinian values.” This vague terminology gives authorities ample leeway to impede journalistic activity via legal means, including by bringing criminal libel charges.One comment was, “Well, if it was a real boat, it would have been in “Launchings” in Wooden Boat. That photograph was taken by Cindy Pitt who is a very credible person (and pretty good with a telephoto lens, too).Well, I can lay that nonsense to rest right here: Here is the Rescue Minor at Cedar Key. The reason I look so spastic is because I am steering with my hip while I try to unscrew the cap on my water jug with one hand while holding the spring-loaded throttle with my other hand.On one hand, the Nevada poker scene isn’t seeing a decline in popularity.